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Dance workshop-Durban, S.A.

"Jasmine Pasch has been doing exceptional work in Britain with people with special needs...her teaching skill, her intuition, warmth and intelligent openness made her an essential person to bring to work directly with young people and to offer ideas to teachers and dancers here" (in Durban, South Africa)

Lynn Maree, The Playhouse, Durban, South Africa.
Recovery, now ChildrenFIRST magazine.

"The project went better than I dared to hope. I think you gave the children something that they will remember forever. It was a real pleasure to work with you - and not just because you were so good at washing up"

Tracy Teasdale, Education Officer, The Ferens Gallery, Hull, England.

"een actieve en inspirerende dag"

Gerrit Loots, Belgian Sherborne Foundation Training Day, Leuven
Belgium : Nieuswbrief

"I find the rigorous, energetic and lively approach she takes to her work to be an ongoing source of inspiration"

Rachel Elliott, Green Candle Dance Company, London, England.
Animated magazine.

"The inimitable work of Jasmine Pasch. Her belief in the potential of movement work with older people has driven her practice for more than fifteen years. Informed by phenomenology and philosophy, it nevertheless remains practical and dynamic"

Scilla Dyke MBE Editor of Animated magazine.

"Jasmine is so full of life and humour, and is such a gifted communicator and teacher that I feel encouraged and inspired from this weekend."

Course participant. Older People In Dance weekend, Firkin Crane, Cork, Republic of Ireland.

"....and thank you for providing Tranisitions with such an informative and safe way in to working with special needs students. We really appreciated your thought and interest in the project."

Kerry Chappell Laban Centre

"I did appreciate your facilitation skills and your inspiring and refreshing attitude to creativity. I'm so pleased that you're still slightly off to the side, the view of life is so much better there! Come back soon."

Paula Turner Dance Artist, DanceConnect mentoring scheme at Dance City, Newcastle

" A very worthwhile day, educational, rewarding and most importantly fun!!

Course participant. Jabadao Awayday (Learning Disability) Swindon

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