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Patterns in the sand

Jasmine standing on beach

I believe that the arts: dance, music, art and drama can help make us healthy and happy - can make us feel good.
This is no flippant statement.
I am keen to find out what factors enhance psychological and physical wellbeing, and foster resilience, and what destroys these.
I believe that the way we relate to one another makes a huge difference, and this is evident in the way that we move together, and play together in our artistic and everyday life.
I see human interaction as dynamic, and shifting constantly like patterns in the sand. It is not the sea, and it is not the sand that create these patterns, but the dynamic interaction between the two. So it is in human relationships.
Through engaging in arts activities with one another we may experience magic moments. It is these tiny moments of meaningful experience, no matter how fleeting they may be, that hold the key to human health and wellbeing.

Jasmine Pasch

Patterns in the sand

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