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Phew Arts Company logo Intensive residencies devised for special schools, bringing together the school community to celebrate their achievements through dance, music and visual art.

phew!!! arts residencies in special schools explained

Each residency is unique, and is tailor made to suit the age, ability and interests of the group, and is based around a chosen theme negotiated between the school or centre and the team of artists. The theme provides a focus which is intended to liberate ideas, not constrain them. The main objectives are as follows:
  • To actively involve the children, young people or adults in the dance,music and art making processes for an intensive period with the intention of creating work for an invited audience at the end of the week sharing, or celebration.
  • To expose the group to working with practising professional artists committed to an approach that enables group members to see themselves as artists and makers.
  • To challenge participants' belief about themselves as low achievers, and bring about a change in others' attitude towards them as a result of seeing the high quality creative work they are capable of producing.
  • To fire the imagination, generating ideas and starting points from the group which will form the basis of the creative work in the distinct art forms, as well as spark off new ideas and connections across the art forms.
  • To respect and act upon choices and decisions made by participants within the context of the project.
  • To promote a model of good practice within the team, and a successful working partnership with the school or centre. The team jointly plan and evaluate the work on a daily basis, consult with staff, and remain open and responsive to change.
  • To give the school and centre staff the opportunity to take part in a creative project themselves on an equal basis, and bring new insight into their relationships with those involved.
  • To raise the profile of the arts with in the school or centre by documenting the work with photographs and video recording; by inviting local press and television to cover the event; by writing and circulating articles and reports; by inviting sponsors, friends and family to the sharing;and by leaving behind a group of people who have the courage and confidence to continue to experiment, explore and find new meaning for themselves in the arts.
Music workshop, Preston    Quote from teacher, Preston
Heathermount the Learning Centre, a day and boarding school for children and young people on the autistic spectrum demonstrate a strong committment to learning through the arts.
Our Community - the Summer sharing (see article section)
Songs and Dances from Africa
Graffiti Project (see articles section)
Art work - Graffiti project Art work - Graffiti project
1997 Project at the Ferens Art Gallery in Hull, organised by the Firebird Trust, taking as its theme the exhibition Earthing Memories by Steve Dilworth.
Students from four special schools in Hull took part and the residency culminated in an exciting performance in the Live Art space at the Ferens. It featured an atmospheric sound installation, suspended giant sculptures and choreography.
1996 Arts residency at Drummond School in Inverness, which caters for children with special educational needs from all over the Highland region. Dance Artist in Residence, Fiona Hay organised the residency which culminated in a celebratory performance called "Uisge". quote from one of the organisers
1987 - 1995 body sculpture at the Rubicon, Cardiff spacing only Jasmine was invited by Contemporary Dance Trust to develop their work in special education. This involved touring all over the country working with children, young people and adults with disabilities and learning difficulties, children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, and children in care. She pioneered the development of combined arts projects, including sculpture, large scale drawing, painting, sound installation, instrument making, singing and songwriting, and the use of electroacoustic music. Over fifty projects took place during this time, and the work laid the foundations for the development of her own company. phew!!!

Photograph left - body sculpture at the Rubicon, Cardiff as part of training course using dance and sculpture.

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