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Reproduced courtesy of the Tewkesbury Ad Mag:
30th June 2000;
Written by Peggy Claptworthy

Into a Brave New World:

Children from different backgrounds have been forging a brave new world by dancing together.

Power of dance
Working together

Youngsters from Tewkesbury's Alderman Knight, which is a special needs school, and the town's Tirlebrook have been learning about each other through the power of dance. The pupils have visited each other's schools, and as well as the dance sessions, have had meals, picnics and played together.

As they worked together, it was impossible to tell who was from the special needs school and who was from the mainstream one.

Alderman Knight teacher Alan Green said "It is great to see them all working and laughing together and making friends."

Jason Cant-Anuckett from Alderman Knight said "It is good to have new people come into our school. I have not made any new friends yet, but I will."

Denna Frost, also from Alderman Knight said "I have had a good time learning the dances and I have got some new friends." Tirlebrook school pupil Anthony Ingram said "It is the first time I have been to this school. It is better than ours. They have got a great big playing field, we have only got a little playground."

Kirsty Hopton, also from Tirlebrook said "I like it here. I have made lots of new friends. I really enjoyed the picnic."

The week long project which was due to finish with a public performance today (Friday) was organised by Gloucestershire Dance. Development Officer, Sarah Shaw said "It is quite extraordinary to see the young people get to know each other and work and dance together.

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