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Jasmine Pasch leading a choreographic workshop

Jasmine Pasch is a freelance movement and play practitioner, trainer and consultant with over thirty years experience.
Jasmine is an Associate of Early Education:
Early Education website

A chapter about her work is published in:
Dancing for Young Audiences
by Ella H. Magruder.

She has contributed a chapter with Micky LeVoguer Physical Wellbeing: Autonomy, Exploration, and Risk Taking in:
Exploring Wellbeing in the Early Years
by Julia Manning-Morton.

She also contributed a chapter with Karen Adcock-Doyle Laying The Foundations in:
When I Open My Eyes
by Miranda Tufnell.

Jasmine is a member of the Knowing Body Network
Knowing Body Network


For reference, below is a link to Jasmine's old Phew Arts company website:

Jasmine Pasch - old website

(Please note: this linked website is kept as an archive only, it uses old coding and may be difficult to read on mobile phones)