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Jasmine Pasch leading a choreographic workshop

Jasmine Pasch

Jasmine Pasch is a freelance movement and play practitioner, trainer and consultant with over thirty years experience.

She has worked with local authorities all over the UK, with arts organisations, and with early years and school settings, in both mainstream and special education.

A chapter about her work is published in Dancing for Young Audiences by Ella H. Magruder. She has published a number of articles, and has contributed to a chapter on physical wellbeing in a book by Julia Manning-Morton called Exploring Wellbeing in the Early Years which will be published in January 2014.

Jasmine is an Associate of Early Education:
Early Education website

and a member of the Knowing Body Network
Knowing Body Network


For reference, below is a link to Jasmine's old Phew Arts company website:

Jasmine Pasch - old website

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